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August 20, 2007 · 14 Comments · studying literature

“Tell me and I forget, Show me and I remember, Involve me and I learn”. (Benjamin Franklin). I too think that if we are inolved in what we do, we can get the best. And you, do you agree? And which is the best way to have young people enjoy reading literature? Give suggestions and make proposals for the improvement of literature  study. Any idea will be welcome if, of course, practical! :)     



  • Thomas & Piga

    We think that if we are involved in something we’ll do it better.
    When you’re interested in something studying seems easier.
    About litterature I think that the best way to learn is to involve the students with plays and films that help us to remember without be bored.

  • °°FrA & aLi°°

    In our opinion, Beniamin’s phrase is a great truth, everyone is “made” to improve him/her self, and to make it we have to want it and to be involve in it!! For the literature is the same, you have to had the passion in it, you have to read it. We think that a lot of students find the literature boring, hard to study or unusefull because probably they aren’t involved in it. The best way to learn english litterature and all the other subjects is use films, show theatre, commedy, tv programme and chat like this because all the students could speak about it. The English literature don’t have to be only a poem that you read in a book, but something that you feel in you and you want to show to the other people.

  • Fic

    I think that the best way to involve young people in literature is to show them films and plays of english literature. In this way probably they won’t be bored and to learn will be easier than to learn with a long speakin’ lesson. Another nice way is to play some games or group’s works.

  • miro (detto asko)

    I think it depends, people have a lot of different interestes..
    The best way to have young people enjoy reading literature is to show them what is really the literature, but whitout forcing them, letting them a free choice.

  • francesco

    I think that the best way to have young peole enjioy reading literature is to propose interesting books, for example:adventure, story, fantasy,mistery , becouse is very easy memorize a nice story that involving the reader.

  • mattia-franz

    We think that more you improve english literature more you are interested in it. Perhaps a way to enjoy people in learning literature is making lessons more funny and involve all the class in it. But, of course, it depends on the class, because if nobody wants to learn anything, it would be more difficult to involve even a single element of the class.

  • Giulia and Erika

    We are agree too with Benjamin Franklin. A proposal to interest young people reading literature is, for example, read short part of a book during the lesson and then do a little play. Another idea is do a discussion on the book.

  • ambroxxxx

    I think that the better way to have young people enjoy reading literature is to give them the passion for the most important writers of the history and at the same time for the artists of our times; I think that in this way students can see their personal problems or passions in literature and be more interested in it.

  • jasmina&dalila

    We agree with the famous Benjamin Franklin’s quotation… Infact reading aloud english books and watch the stories that you’ve just read stimulate your memory to remember. But we think also that if you speak perfectly english you can take more the sense of the book and you enjoy it much more because reading a book in the originally leanguage is better than a translation..

  • Enrico

    I agee with Francesco because the interesting books involve the student to read more enjoy than the classic bored books and I think that the Benjamin’s Franklin phrase is right, infact the better way to learn is involve the student with new and more stimolating idea.

  • Dory e Pier

    In our opinion, study something that we don’t like is very difficult and sometimes impossible. Topics should be always involving so we will study better and faster.
    About literature, the stories of the books, that we read, would be closer to us .

  • Leo e Andrea

    This website is very nice for us, because it’s very interesting for sharing ideas and opinions, with other countries and peoples :D

  • teacher

    Ok, guys, I’ve read your comments and I see that most of you think that watching movies or plays might be a good way to involve you and so have you enjoy literature. You’ll be happy to hear that I’ve got a lot of movies and docudramas in store for you!:)

  • giulia

    I think that this website is very beautiful because students from all over the world can give their opinion about a lot of topics.
    I think that the best way to have young people enjoy reading english literature is to propose them interesting books or films.

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